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D. R. Thompson, I. Leifer, H. Bovensmann, M. Eastwood, M. Fladeland, C. Frankenberg, K. Gerilowski, R. O. Green, S. Kratwurst, T. Krings, B. Luna, and A. K. Thorpe. Real-time remote detection and measurement for airborne imaging spectroscopy: a case study with methane. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions 8, 6279-6324 (2015).

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Thorpe, A.K., Roberts, D.A., Bradley, E.S., Funk, C.C., Dennison, P.E., Leifer I. (2013). High resolution mapping of methane emissions from marine and terrestrial sources using a Cluster-Tuned Matched Filter technique and imaging spectrometry. Remote Sensing of Environment, 134, 305-318.